What is this site? And more importantly, what isn’t it?

This is a blog where I share my political take on the events of the world, with a focus on the United States where I live. When it comes to my political views, I’m pretty far left on the political spectrum from an economic and a social perspective. This blog is not news. It’s political commentary. Every single article on this blog is not objective, including this one- and do not take it as such. The point of this blog is for me to share political analysis on news, and all material on this site will be not only analytical, but naturally biased, as all opinions are biased. You may take whatever you want from what I say, but I have one request: please don’t take what I say as facts. Because what I say here isn’t facts. It’s opinions. And opinions are not based directly on fact. They’re based on how one feels based on fact. How one feels about their surroundings based on their perspective, perspectives that are naturally biased. Take for example what I’m about to say now as I rant about what we call “news”.

“News” in the modern sense isn’t news. The majority of “news” outlets one finds on television and the internet, whilst portraying themselves as news, are in reality some news mixed in with a hefty dose of political commentary (which is by nature biased towards one side or another). Not only are they good at misrepresenting their purpose, but they’re good at masking their commentary as news such that those who consume such “news” accept this mixture of facts and commentary as simply facts. This has led to an incredible level of polarization between those on the opposing sides of the political spectrum due to the “news” that such people believe are facts.

Chinese Propaganda depicting Mao Zedong
“Beloved Chairman Mao, we are loyal to you forever.” Credit: NPR

It isn’t much different from propaganda such as the image depicted above. Just as the Chinese Propaganda Department wants you to be loyal to Chairman Mao forever, Fox News wants you to be loyal to President Trump forever (although this has begun to change recently, this was the case for 6 full years). Just as the Chinese Propaganda Department wants you to be loyal to Chairman Mao forever, CNN wants you to be loyal to President Biden forever. The way these “news” outlets speak of their patriarchs (as I like to call them) is incredibly skewed and reminds me of how the Chinese Propaganda Department spoke of its patriarch (and speaks of its new patriarch today). Now obviously this is an exaggeration, since “news” outlets such as these still try to provide the other side a bit of their take. But it still is incredibly skewed. Take for example Fox’s coverage on Trump’s response to Biden’s recent State of the Union address. Or how about MSNBC’s coverage of the fiscal aspect of Biden’s Sate of the Union address.

Now that’s an opinion. Completely subjective. And that’s how it always will be here. Where I can I’ll provide facts that support my argument or facts where my argument originated, but I will never write objectively on this blog, because that is not this blog’s purpose. It’s to share my political ideas, and my political commentary on the world around me.

For beloved Big Brother, we are loyal to you forever.

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