How hard is it to start a blog?

Salutations Peppers! Today I’m gonna tell you guys about the difficulty in starting and maintaining a blog, and how you can do so yourself. The rest of the internet already has a lot of tips on this, so I will try to keep this short.


Well operating a blog is as simple as posting a lot, (which isn’t easy when you have a tight schedule) maintaining the look of your site, and approving and responding to comments. I use something called WordPress, which allows me to create this blog with ease. WordPress does have a learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of it after you read and watch some tutorials. Just search “how to use WordPress” on Google. The themes (like the one on this site) can be installed and enabled onto your site with 2 clicks. The hard part is starting your blog because you need to pay for the domain, pay for hosting (there is free hosting available), and pay for server space. To add to the toll, setting that up can be very technical. I know someone who could do all that quickly, so I didn’t have to go through doing all that. I suggest you see this article: However, if you do not want to go through all this trouble, there are website creators that are easy to use and sometimes free (with fewer features then paid versions) like The downside to those is that you don’t get a regular domain. Instead, you get something like “”. You also have much less control over your website’s backend. (which isn’t a big deal for blogs)


Overall, if you would like to start a blog, the easiest way is to use a free website creator, but you could always do it the way my website is done.(The hard way with setting up servers, hosting, and domains (the latter not too hard)) And you could even get lucky like I did, by knowing someone who has the know-how and necessary materials.


EDIT: You also need your site to be HTTPS and have an SSL certificate if you want your site to be secure (hackers cant attack your visitors) and if you want browsers to not tell visitors that your site is insecure. This isn’t too hard, but you can always use a website creator to avoid having to do this.

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