My February and March review schedule


Here is my weekly schedule for the rest of February and March:

Sunday- Scrumptious Sunday- Food critiques.

Monday- Movie Monday- Movie reviews and countdowns.

Tuesday- TV Tuesday- TV show reviews and countdowns.

Wednesday- No reviews

Thursday- Tech Thursday- Tech reviews and countdowns.

Friday- Top 5 Friday- Random top fives and top tens.

Saturday- No reviews.

P.S. Today is the one exception as I am writing a review on the Top 5 Animated Movies (Excluding Pixar).

Sonic 1 Rom Corruption

Salutations Peppers! I have taken the time to play with Vinesauce Rom Corruptor. It is used to change the value bytes in video games, causing them to go crazy. I am corrupting Sonic 1 & 2. Here are the corruptions, the emulator, and the corruptor.


7zip(for extracting Gens) :

Gens Emulator :

Before you can use these ROMS on Gens, you need to change some settings in Gens. Scroll down for instructions.


Vinesauce ROM Corruptor :


I did not make Gens, 7zip, or Vinesauce ROM Corruptor. A user on Corrupted Bytes made Vinesauce ROM Corruptor. The creator of Gens is on their website. I used Vinesauce ROM corruptor to edit the ROMS. I used a tutorial to help me place in the correct  corruption values.




ROMs that don’t crash:


Sonic 1 16-bit sounds like Master System : SMS sonic16

Infinite SEGA(Sonic 1) : Infinite SEGA


ROMs that DO crash:


Lava Sonic(Sonic 1) : Lava Sonic(Sonic 1)

No Button Challenge(If you press A. B, or C the game will crash. Sonic 1 hack): No button challenge(Sonic 1)

Those are all the ROMs for today.(Sorry, no Sonic 2 glitch world today. Maybe Tomorrow)

Please scroll down for the tutorial on how to make Gens work with hacked ROMs.










Making Gens work with modified ROMs. 

Step 1: Download Gens.(link above)

Step 2:Download 7zip.(link above)

Step 3:Open 7zip.

Step 4:Navigate to your Downloads folder in 7zip(Or wherever you keep them).

Step 5:Find gens2.14-849.rar in your downloads folder in 7zip.

Step 6: Right click the file, then, highlight 7zip, and then click extract files.

Step 7:Extract the gens2.14-849 folder to wherever you like.

Step 8(optional):If you want, open the gens2.14-849 folder, right click gens.exe and click Create Shortcut. Move it to the desktop. This is so you have easy access to Gens.

Step 9: Open Gens.

Step 10: Click options in the menu bar. Then click Misc in the options drop-down menu.

Step 11:Once at the General Option Menu, under System, check Auto Fix checksum. Press OK to dismiss the dialog.

This will allow the modified ROM to execute properly.

Sometimes you will have to check the setting again.

If you get a red screen when trying to run the rom, then make sure that the Auto Fix Checksum option is checked under Options-Misc-General Options-System







Spicy Rant: iPhone 7/7 Plus

Today I rant about the iPhone 7


This rant is really old, it came out like 1 and a half years ago. Honestly considering the iPhone 8 and X have already came out, do not take this rant seriously. It’s just for entertainment. Okay Guys?





Okay, I am not saying the iPhone 7 is a bad phone, but who does the iPhone 7/7 Plus appeal to. What is the big fuss in upgrading, especially if you own a iPhone 6/6s or 6 Plus/6s Plus. (SE Too) I mean really. Even though you have new features like the A10, IP67 Water Resistance, better battery life, and Dual camera (iPhone 7 Plus Only), you still loose the 3.5mm headphone jack. Although, you have all these new features, they  aren’t really a reason to upgrade.  If you don’t own an iPhone, or even a smartphone (or an older iPhone) then these features are somewhat convincing to get the 7. However, the best thing to do if you want to get a iPhone, don’t get the 7 or 7 Plus. They are extremely new, and pretty much nothing takes advantage of the new features (Except for the built in Apple Stuff, duh). If you want a iPhone 7, wait a few months for it’s hardware to be taken advantage of, so you have a good reason to get one. Its best now to get a 6s or SE if you want a iPhone. To me, the iPhone 7 is currently an afterthought, especially with that steep price tag, but in a few months the iPhone 7 will probably be more worth the $$$$$$ than it is now.



Rant Rating:1


Sorry for the inactivity.

Today I will start a new series called “Spicy Rant.” Qualifiers are:  Entertainment and Consumer Electronics. New rants will be published once a week.

I will also have a Question of the Day.

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